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Listen to music, hear a podcast or watch a movie using a set of headphones or earbuds. Grab a pair of over-ear headphones with a noise-canceling function to drown out background noise, so you can immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. Wireless headphones give you the freedom to exercise or multitask without cables and connections to devices. Other headphones and accessories include waterproof sports earbuds with Bluetooth®, so you can swim laps while listening to a podcast, no matter the distance from your device. Both headphones and earbuds can also capture phone calls, so you never miss a call while listening to music, playing a game, or streaming a movie or television show.

Headphones and Accessories Help With Safety and Productivity

Using your Bluetooth device can help you get more done. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth headsets and accessories, and sync them with music devices, phones, computers, and other smart gadgets such as Xbox®. While wearing your headphones, you can walk away from the computer to stretch without missing a song from your favorite tunes or a conference call. A mono Bluetooth headset clasps onto one ear only, so you can remain alert to your surroundings while walking or driving. Cover both ears with a Bluetooth headset to play video games or listen to music without the cord in the way. Utilize wireless headphones at the gym, and listen to your iPhone® or Android™ without the cord dangling and getting caught in the workout equipment.

Listen to Music Anywhere With Friends

Bring portable audio devices to the pool or park and listen to music when electrical outlets are unavailable. Most headsets are lightweight and compact, such as HD speakers that provide quality sound. Some headphones and accessories with portable audio devices, such as boomboxes, include audio options, allowing you to customize sound settings with a cassette tape, MP3, CD, or radio. If you have a sporting event or a large party, consider a portable PA speaker system that helps to manage the crowd and keep the game rolling. You can also bring waterproof Bluetooth speaker models anywhere without worrying about getting them wet.

Small Devices Keep Activities Lively

Clip your music on your shirt as you begin your workout using an iSkin® clear frost case for your iPod Classic® 160GB MP3 player. You can still view the LED screen that tells you the queue while accessing the buttons to skip or fast forward without missing a beat. Consider something smaller, such as the AGPTEK Clip MP3, which weighs only 4 ounces, and enjoy the long battery life of up to 30 hours. If you want to listen to the news, the device includes FM radio and Bluetooth and can sync with portable speakers or wireless headphones. Consider a headphone charging case if you use your headphones constantly. Keep your listening pleasure compact with MP3 and MP4 accessories to stay light on your feet while exercising, riding public transportation, or working.

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