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With the right computer keyboard, you can take your gaming skills to the next level, work comfortably with ergonomic computer keyboards or take a break from your desk — or at least a tangle of cords — with wireless keyboards. Customize your keyboard with shortcuts that support your work and foster productivity, or add a unique touch to your workspace with colourful lighted keyboards.

Take Your Work Everywhere with Wireless Keyboards

Whether setting up your home office or upgrading your work office, wireless keyboards can go a long way to make you comfortable. Because wireless keyboards use radio frequency (RF) connections or Bluetooth® to connect to your computer or workstation, wireless keyboards can help you do the same tasks as a wired keyboard without limiting your movement around the room. In addition to being more flexible than wired keyboards, Bluetooth keyboards can also save cording space. This ensures that your workstation is neater and organized so you can focus on your tasks instead of the clutter around you. Bluetooth and RF keyboards vary in range and battery power. From the high-end keyboards that work best for the power user to medium-value keyboards that are practical for everyday use, there is a keyboard around for nearly every need and every Computer.

Stay on Top of Your Game with Extra Function Keys

While the standard, straight-across QWERTY keyboard layout is most popular, modern computer keyboards come in various models that offer additional sections, like extra number pads and volume keys. Many keyboards also offer extra function keys that users can program to perform various tasks. Gaming keyboards usually come with several function keys to control audio, and video playback put the Computer to sleep or turn it off, start a programmed selection of personal tasks or control your active tabs. Some high-end gaming keyboards also offer a number of programmable buttons for the power user, which allow you to multitask more efficiently and have more control over your complicated work or gaming session. In addition to gaming, you can use programmable function keys on keyboards to work more efficiently or multitask in your daily browsing activities. Your go-to routines take fewer keystrokes, and you get on with your day much faster.

Work and Play Comfortably with Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards support your wrists and aid an accessible typing platform. Gamers, writers or data entry specialists can keep their arms and wrists in a body-sensitive position much longer with keyboards that sport a design with the long-term user in mind. From sculpted, elevated platforms to the comfortable V shape that holds your wrists at a natural angle, there are ergonomic keyboards ideal for long hours in front of the screen, whether you are playing your favourite PC game nonstop or drafting your latest report.

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